Tips for Sticker Application

Applying stickers by hand can be tricky business, so try these simple steps to ease the application process

custom sticker application tips


Always ensure that the surface you’re applying your label or decal to is clean and dry. Moisture, grease, residue, dirt or dust can be problematic if intercepted by the adhesive during application.


Ideally, around room temperature (approximately 20º C or 70º F) is the best air condition for application to achieve the maximum bond, even if you plan to subject the sticker to extreme temperatures in either direction. This is not always possible however, and if you do need to apply a decal in an especially cold environment, you may want a freezer adhesive as this glue is designed to withstand freezing temperatures without becoming brittle or loosing efficacy.


If you’re applying a large label by hand, it’s often easier to apply them as singles, peel off one side from the liner, align the label where you want it positioned and then slowly peel off the remainder of the liner. Sometimes using a pencil or some chalk to mark where the bottom edge should register can help to keep them even but usually a slow, steady hand should work just fine. Some really large decals or those with cutouts or multiple pieces will be supplied to you with application tape to ensure that everything sticks in position as intended.


Allow adhesive to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before trying to test tackiness or tamper-evident properties. After this time, the bond should be firm, but with most adhesives it will continue to gain strength the longer it is applied.

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