Static Cling Decals

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Static cling decals can be easily removed and replaced, making them perfect for many indoor applications.

The most common placement for static cling decals is on interior windows and doors facing outward. We refer to these as “face adhesive” decals as they are printed in reverse allowing them to be read from outside the glass. Some common examples are security decals for home and business owners to warn intruders of interior alarm systems, credit card company stickers, parking stickers and university or team emblems.

Window clings are synthetic printed material with a static cling adhesive. They stick to glassy surfaces with a light static cling “charge” making them easy to remove and replace when necessary. Static cling decals are intended for interior use and for placement on the inside of windows or glass as the static charge is not strong enough to hold in outdoor environments where rain, wind or abrasion could compromise adhesion.

Window clings offer the convenience of easy removal and replacement and are often the preferred choice for car and business window applications because they won’t leave a gluey residue. There are limits as to how large a static cling decal can be until the weight of the decal itself becomes too much for the “cling” to hold. So for larger decals (over 20 square inches) we often will recommend printing on a stock with a non-aggressive ultra-removable adhesive. This type of decal material has a light stickiness that is still easy to remove.

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