Who is Sticky Business?

Sticky Business is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom labels, decals, stickers, domed labels and domed decals, embossed foil seals, embossed anniversary seals, tap handle decals, auto dealer decals, nameplates, graphic overlay decals, magnets and printed tape.

Where in the world is Sticky Business?

Sticky Business Inc. has facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Ontario, British Columbia and Hungary. We are perfectly located to serve the globe! You can reach us from anywhere in North America TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095.

How long has Sticky Business been in business?

Sticky Business was started in 1997. Since then it has grown into a leading supplier of every imaginable type of label, decal, sticker, domed label and domed decal, embossed foil seal and embossed anniversary seals.

Do you have a catalog that you can send me?

No. Sticky Business is an online custom label, decal and embossed seal supplier and, as such, does not publish a catalog but rather displays its products on its website. We do have FREE samples that we can send to you. The pages throughout our website illustrate a small sampling of the labels, decals, stickers and embossed seals we have produced for our customers all over the world.

Can you send me a price list?

Because Sticky Business is a custom manufacturer, we do not have a price list per se. The prices of our stock items are displayed on our website. If you would like us to quote your custom label, decal or custom seal needs, simply fill out the appropriate EZ Quote Form or CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095 or 1-250-474-1095 and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

How long does it take to print my labels?

Production lead times are highly dependent upon individual order specifications. Custom label, pewter label, sticker, decal embossed foil seal and anniversary seal orders are generally shipped within 10 business days. A Customer Service Representative will be able to tell you how soon to expect your order. Click here to view general production time guidelines.

What if I do not like my printed product?

We want you to be absolutely delighted with your printed product. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please call or Email us with a note explaining the reason. We will take all steps necessary to fix the problem.

Is my personal information safe with Sticky Business?

Absolutely, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

I am a terrible speller. Will you correct my spelling for me?

We would love to correct your spelling – but only if you ask!

Where are your products manufactured?

Depending on the product and your location, your order could be printed in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Indiana, Ontario, British Columbia or Hungary.

What does “variable printing” mean?

Variable printing is a form of digital printing in which elements (such as sequential numbers or barcodes) are changed from one label to the next, making every label unique. You will need to provide your variable information in a database or Excel file.

Do you produce anything other than labels?

Sticky Business specializes in the production of labels, pewter labels, decals, domed decals, tap handle decals, auto dealer decals, embossed seals, embossed anniversary seals, nameplates, graphic overlay decals, magnets and printed tape.

Do you sell wholesale to distributors?

You bet! Simply take a moment to register at the following link. Once approved you will be able to request wholesale pricing quotes.

Do you sell stickers?

Absolutely! "Sticker" is a slang term. A sticker could be a label, a decal or an embossed seal. We sell every type of sticker you can imagine!

Can I order less than 500 labels?

Minimum quantity varies by product. Depending on the product, minimums may be as low as 50 pieces.

How will I know the quality of your custom printed products?

We manufacture our products using the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art equipment. Of course, if you'd like to see for yourself request a free sample pack. We're sure you'll be as confident about the quality of our products.

What if I have multiple versions of my artwork?

Don’t worry. In most cases we can “gang” your multiple versions together to give you the best possible price break. Each version (copy change), are $25 each. This will help reduce your product unit cost.

What are the factors that impact the price of a label?

The major factors impacting the cost of labels, decals or embossed seals is the size, shape, substrate, number of ink colors and, of course, the quantity.

Do you offer discounts to Resellers?

Yes, we offer Reseller discounts on some digital labels, decals, embossed foil seals, embossed foil anniversary seals and domed decals. To qualify for a Reseller discount, you must be a print broker, printer, sign shop, quick printer or graphic agency.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

No problem, you can change your order once you receive your proof.

What is the difference between a label and a decal?

Generally speaking, a label is made of a paper material and used indoors while a decal is made of a synthetic material and used outdoors.

Why are there no plate charges for labels and decals?

Sticky Business is a digital label print facility. This means there are no plates needed in our label and decal printing processes. Instead of using plates to transfer the image onto a substrate, our press uses advanced digital technology to transfer the images directly onto the substrate.

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Printing Processes

What does four color process mean?

Four color process, also known as full color or CMYK, is the modern process of printing full color artwork. Basically, a color image is separated into four primary colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). The result is color separation of four images that, when combined, make up the full color image.

What is the difference between varnish and lamination?

Laminates are more durable than a varnish. Laminates are made from clear film which is pressed to the label surface. Varnish is a liquid that is printed over the label surface. Both methods provide protection from UV light, abrasion and moisture. Both methods are available in gloss and matte finishes.

How do I obtain a barcode and/or QR code for my label?

UPC Barcodes are issued and controlled by the Uniform Product Code Council. You must contact this Council, and, for a fee, they will issue your company a set of numbers which we can use to generate a barcode for your product. We are also able to generate QR, static and/or sequential barcodes.

What is a corner radius?

A corner radius is the measurement of the amount of curve on a label corner. The larger the corner radius larger the curve. The most common corner radius are 1/8".

What is a flood coat?

A flood coat is the process of applying ink over the entire label to change the color of the stock prior to printing the artwork.

What is a back slit?

A cut on the back of the label liner for quick and easy removal of the label.

What is the difference between a “butt” cut and a “die” cut label?

Generally speaking, butt cut labels have square corners and no spacing between each label on a roll while die-cut labels have round corners and spacing between each label on the roll.

What is a white back-up?

Labels with a clear substrate sometimes need a white backup to ensure your artwork is visible, easy to read and communicate effectively. White backup is the process of printing white ink directly behind your artwork to ensure it is easy to read.

Can you print fabric labels?

No, Sticky Business does not have the ability to print fabric labels.

Can you produce fridge magnets?

Yes, Sticky Business does have the ability to produce VINYL based fridge magnets.

I am interested in obtaining stickers that have a very unusual shape – can you produce these?

No problem! Our unique digital production process enables us to produce decals and stickers of any color, shape or size. In addition, our extensive “die” library includes literally thousands of shapes and sizes for embossed seals and pewter labels.

Can I get labels printed in French?

Yes, we create them in French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian. Just submit the text exactly as you want them to appear on the label. Be sure to include all accent marks.

What are domed decals?

Sometimes referred to as "bubble domes", "puffy stickers" and "3D domes", Domed decals are premium, high quality decals supplemented with a high quality two-part crystal-clear polyurethane.

Can my company have our logo printed on a custom embossed foil seal?

Yes, we would be happy to design and produce your own unique deep embossed foil seals.

What material is best for my application?

Choose your label material based on the environment in which your label will be exposed, and/or the aesthetic look and feel you are trying to achieve. Call 1-866-474-1095 to talk with one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives; we will help you select the right material for your application.

I want specific colors. Can you match the colors I request?

Our 4-color process digital press achieves various tones and shading by overlaying the four basic shades of transparent ink (magenta, cyan, yellow and black). If you must match a color, send us a sample of the color you want to match, or provide us with the PMS color value. Pantone colors must be converted to CMYK. Request a press proof (at an additional charge), to see the color before your labels are printed. A press proof allows you to see exactly what your labels will look like printed with our equipment.

If you print my labels, will they match my previous suppliers’ quality and color?

We print using CMYK inkjet technology. If your previous supplier uses this type of printing method, your labels should have a very similar look. If your previous supplier uses any other type of printing method, there may be slight differences. If you want to match a previous job, we request that you supply us with a printed label for matching purposes. If we feel the print quality would be too different from the supplied label sample, we would contact you.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK color models?

RGB refers to the primary colors Red, Green and Blue. This color model is used on monitors and television screens. CMYK refers to the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These are the inks used in most label and decal printing. CMYK is also referred to as either four-color process or full color printing.

What is the difference between CMYK and spot color printing?

CMYK printing is used on all digital presses. Spot color printing refers to a single solid color typically defined by a Pantone spot color value.

What is the PANTONE Matching System (PMS)?

Typically used to match a single spot color, the PANTONE spot color has a defined CMYK mix value. If a specific shade of color is critical, it is important to provide the Pantone spot color value of the color desired.

What is a color bleed?

A bleed occurs when the artwork for your label touches or overlaps the cut line of the label (does not have blank space between the artwork and the edge of the label).

Does white count as a printing color?

If printing on a white substrate, white does not constitute an additional color. White printed on a clear substrate counts as an additional color.

Will my printed labels look the same as on my computer monitor?

Not necessarily. Computer monitors display colors using the RGB color model while printers print colors using the CMYK color model. If color matching is critical it is always best to order a press proof.

What printing process do you use?

The printing process depends on the product ordered. We use digital printing, flexographic printing, screen printing and foil stamping.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing interprets & prints color directly onto label materials without the need of plates and negatives. This results in faster and less expensive production costs. Digital printing also has greater flexibility and is more affordable for projects involving multiple versions and/or variable data printing requirements.

What is flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing uses flexible plates, often made from rubber or synthetic materials. This type of printing uses water-based inks. Flexo printing is less expense for spot color labels versus full color labels which are better suited for digital printing.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing uses outdoor durable inks which are applied to the substrate through a fabric or screen.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing is a form of printing in which various elements of the artwork can be changed from one label to the other.

What is the difference between indoor magnets and outdoor magnets?

Indoor magnets are meant to be kept indoors, outside of the elements. Outdoor magnets, on the other hand, are thicker, stronger, and printed with UV resistant ink to weather the elements. Additionally, outdoor magnets can be applied to moving items like cars, trucks, or vans.

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Payments & Ordering

What methods of payment does Sticky Business accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard & AMEX. We also accept company checks, Paypal and EFT payments.

Do you accept C.O.D payments?

No, we do not accept C.O.D orders.

Do I have to order online?

No. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your credit card information over the Internet, please feel free to CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095 or 1 250-474-1095. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time.

When do I pay for my order?

We never require payment until you are 100% satisfied and approve your FREE digital proof. It has been this way for 21 years, and one of the many reasons our customers tell us they keep coming back for more.

What if I cancel my order?

We require notice via email or telephone if you wish to cancel an order. Any labor, material or shipping costs incurred prior to cancellation will be charged.

Will I receive more than (overrun) or less than (underrun) the quantity I order? Will I be charged for an overrun?

If you order a certain quantity of labels, we will produce and ship that quantity. If there are extra labels shipped with your order, we will not charge for the over run.

What does “secure ordering” mean?

Secure ordering means that you can feel very confident that your valuable information (name, address, telephone number and credit card number) is not being sent to unknown servers or being altered, corrupted or shared. Your ordering information is being encrypted using the strongest encryption techniques and processed on a secure server.

What does it mean that a website is secure and authenticated?

An authenticated secure site is one that has been through a formal verification process assuring that the organization running the site has the authority to use the name represented by the site. To verify that a site is authenticated, look for an “https” versus “http” in the site’s URL for true secure pages.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Sticky Business does not charge sales tax on orders shipped within the United States. GST and/or HST is charged on orders shipped within Canada.

Is it safe to order by credit card on your website?

Yes, your personal and credit card information is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology – the standard of the industry in online security. Please refer to the Sticky Business Security Guarantee.

Will I be charged for “over/under” runs?

No! Sticky Business never charges for "over/under" runs! Actually, we often ship extras free of charge!

Do you offer refunds?

If your product has a manufacturing defect we will happily replace them free of charge.

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Proofing & Shipping

Can I see a proof of my labels before you print them?

Absolutely! We always Email you a PDF proof for your review and approval before going to print – NO CHARGE. Printed press proofs are available but additional charges may apply.

How long does it take for me to receive a proof?

We typically Email PDF proofs to you within one business day.

Can I cancel my order after I have approved the proof?

Yes, however, fees related to labor performed and/or materials used will still need to be charged.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated based on the size, quantity & weight of the product you order. We ship with UPS ground for most orders and can use your courier/shipper account if preferred.

Do you offer a “RUSH” service?

We will, for an additional charge, ship an order in less than normal production times. Charges vary according to product line and quantity.

How long will it take to get my order?

Your order will ship within a defined number of business days following receipt of your proof approval. The shipping times vary by product and can be reviewed on our Production Times page.

How do you ship your products?

Our normal method of shipping is via UPS Ground.

Do you ship to Zimbabwe?

Yes, Sticky Business ships anywhere on this planet.

Is International shipping available when ordering online stock products?

No, online stock products can only be ordered online if you are located within the continental United States and Canada. If you are outside the continental United States or Canada, you can order our stock products by calling 1-250-474-1095.

Can I have my order shipped to multiple locations?

Yes, additional costs will apply.

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Artwork Guidelines

I want to use an image copied from a website on my label. The image looks great on the website but why does it not look very good printed on a label?

The image you are viewing on your computer screen is being displayed in the RGB color model and is a low resolution (72ppi) image. The image was compressed to load faster on your website. The printed equivalent to this image must be at least 300ppi and in the CMYK color model. For more information about raster graphics, please refer to our Artwork Guidelines.

Will you design artwork for me?

Sticky Business has a talented design team. Our artists prepare artwork for the press and make small adjustments to existing art as needed. If you need us to design and build the files for you, please discuss the project with your Customer Service Representative. We will be happy to help.

I already have my digital artwork for my label. What format should I send?

Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines page for acceptable file formats and art preparation tips.

Can I use jpg or jpeg files for my artwork?

Yes, assuming the image is at least 300ppi

What type of artwork files can I use?

Acceptable artwork can vary depending on the printing method & product. Best results will be achieved from vector files. We can, however, print raster files of a minimum resolution of 300ppi.

How should I supply text/fonts?

All fonts should be converted to outlines or curves.

What is PPI or DPI?

DPI is an acronym for Dots Per Inch. This is an outdated term for PPI or Pixels Per Inch. PPI is a measurement of the scanning resolution of an image. PPI expresses the number of pixels per inch that a monitor can display both horizontally and vertically. Most images on your computer screen are 72 ppi. While the image may look fine on your computer screen, it will not be satisfactory for printing. Printed products require artwork of at least 300 ppi at 100% size to be printed.

What if my image is not 300 ppi?

Our Graphic design Team will review the file and contact you with options to create a file suitable for printing.

What is the difference between a raster and vector file?

Raster artwork is comprised of pixels. Low resolution (72 ppi) has big dots and prints poorly while high resolution (300ppi) has smaller pixels resulting in superior printing. Tiff, bmp, psd, jpg, jpeg, pdf and png are examples of raster files. Vector artwork is made of points, lines and polygons and is very high resolution. This type of file is resolution independent. AI, EPS and PDF are examples of vector files.

Can you convert my low-resolution raster file to a vector file?

Yes, in most cases we can convert the file. An additional fee may apply.

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