Are Pewter Labels Right for You?

The other day I was at the grocery store and there I encountered a woman wearing an apron, hairnet and plastic gloves, situated behind a table and sampling what appeared to be olive oil. Tiny clear cups containing small pieces of bread soaking in a vibrant greenish-gold liquid were arranged on the table in front of her. I’m not one to pass up a free taster so I sidled up to the table and asked if I could try some of whatever she was sampling. “Of course!” she replied and gestured at the toothpicks available there to easily retrieve the bread that was marinating in the vivid oil. She launched into her campaign for the product, explaining it was olive oil from an organic farm in Spain and this was a signature batch carefully selected by the master and blender with only early harvested olives. “You may detect notes of cut grass, tomato and hints of citrus on the bouquet.” I smiled with lifted eyebrows and then popped the oil-soaked bread morsel into my mouth. As I chewed, the olive oil slowly revealed itself and it was, as the woman described, extraordinary. Rich flavours of green olive and yes, fresh-cut grass and ripe tomato, smoothed over my senses and I knew at first taste that this was an exquisite product. I asked to see the bottle and she handed me a dark green bottle with a silver embossed label. I was immediately struck by the label and inspected it closely. “These are pewter labels!” I exclaimed, perhaps a little vehemently and now it was the woman’s turn to raise her eyebrows with a smile.

A bottle of Oro del Desierto coupage olive oil is the perfect application for pewter labels. Pewter labels are an elevated class of label, comprised of premium materials and made with the care and skill of European craftsmanship. These labels are intended to adorn exceptional goods, to showcase a rare and exclusive brand of product. They are particularly suitable for packaging containing liquids, such as perfume, oils, wine or spirits, because the pewter will not stain, discolor or mould with exposure to moisture or grease. Additionally, pewter labels work great for high-end candles as they won’t ruin with the touch of hot wax. They preserve their integrity as they age so that when a special bottle that has been cellaring for years is brought to the table, it still looks impressive and intact, although probably a little dusty!

Given that these labels are manufactured with quality and rarity in mind, pewter labels have a minimum order quantity of 100 labels, which corresponds with releasing a limited edition or small batch of an artisanal product. Of course, this doesn’t mean that high volume orders are not available; pewter labels can certainly be produced in the tens of thousands. Made almost entirely from superior grade pewter (99.8%) and available in three distinct finishes: pewter, copper and brass, these labels are flexible, deeply embossed and quite durable. The adhesive is a 3m material that is quite tacky and will adhere to glass, metal, plastic, ceramic and many textiles, although testing is always recommended to ensure that any adhesive will stick to your specific application. Never hesitate to request samples before proceeding with an order of any custom printed labels!

Exceptional products require exceptional packaging. Pewter labels are a remarkable option that blends the elegance and antiquity of an embossed foil seal with the durability and endurance of an alloy metal. Add the special, handcrafted touch your rare and premium product deserves.

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