Why Custom Printed Tape?

What’s the deal with printed tape? Let me take a stab in the dark and ask: have you ever ordered anything from Amazon? Odds are, you have (or know someone who has), since Amazon has something like 310 million active customers (1), and when that purchase arrived at your door, you knew precisely where it was from because the parcel was branded with Amazon’s custom printed tape. Think of all the millions of packages moving through the global, regional and local shipping systems with Amazon branding, collecting countless views offline - it’s a fantastic remarketing strategy! Not only are the direct buyers being reminded of the purchase experience, but anyone who spies an Amazon package might remember that they’ve got something in their shopping cart or maybe they should look on Amazon for that item they’ve been needing. Obviously, Amazon is a supreme example of custom printed tape effectively executing offline marketing strategies, but there are benefits to be gained for all sizes of businesses.


Presentation matters. This undeniable notion motivates businesses, big and small, to invest in graphic designers, logo design, custom printed labels, consumer surveys, advertising, branded packaging and numerous other measures to improve buyer impression. Today’s world of commerce has seen a shift from the ubiquitous brick-and-mortar stores of the past to a bustling hub of online markets that sell their goods and services beyond the neighbourhood, to buyers located just about anywhere across the world wide web. A business presence doesn’t necessarily require real estate these days, but this ever-expanding electronic economy does require getting noticed and being remembered if you wish to stay viable in this highly-competitive and consumer-driven retail space. If your business requires shipping, custom printed tape offers a polished, memorable and professional touch to those deliveries. Of course, it doesn’t have be exclusively sophisticated – you can have fun with it! Show personality to your brand with leopard print or old school cassette tapes printed on your printed tape.


Beyond branding and professionalism, printed tape has practical applications as well. Custom printed tape identifies a product’s origin and can include a batch number for supplier reference and traceability, which is particularly useful for food or medical industries.


Printed tape offers greater security to packages since evidence of opening or tampering is obvious, whereas it can be less conspicuous with standard packing tapes. It can also identify that legitimate inspection has occurred by customs or courier officials and re-sealed with their specific and branded tape.


Special handling instructions can be communicated through printed tape, alerting the handler that the contents are fragile or need to be held upright or require cold storage so that the package is managed properly during transit as well as accepted and stored correctly on the receiving end.

Regardless of size, if your business ships stuff, there are advantages to using printed tape. Click here for product information on custom printed tape and stock printed tape.

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