Digital Label Printing: Cool, Full Color Sample

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Digital Label Printing Sample

We’re pretty proud of our digital label printing techs.

We did some routine maintenance and cleaning today on one of our digital printing presses. This was the sample that our technician ran off as a color test and we thought it was pretty cool.

We see the digital labels and stickers that this machine prints everyday, but we don’t often get to print decals at this size and with this much color. My little iPod camera isn’t even doing it justice – I was amazed at the vibrancy and detail. Regular maintenance goes a long way with these machines.

Vibrant, full color is one of the many bonuses of digital printing technology. Plus, the smaller machines are easier and faster to set up, which makes offering low quantity print runs (or short runs) a possibility.

Full color artwork, like this comic book cover, costs our customers no more to print than a black and white digital label.

Realistically, not every design or logo requires this sort of color or detail. In most cases, printed labels are more effective if they are kept simple. This really depends on the product, service or industry.

We have had the chance to print some amazing graphic designs and logos over the years. The best printing results are usually achieved when the design is created with the actual printing technology that will be used in mind.

If you have a short-run decal project in mind, consider adding some color. You might be amazed at the results.

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