What Size Stickers Do I Need?

When designing your custom label artwork, here are a few tips to help you choose the right size stickers for your product.

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Choose the right size stickers

When you call Sticky Business for a label quote, one of the first questions we will ask you is, “What size and shape would you like?” If you have not ordered labels before, this question might stump you. Unlike business cards or office stationary, there are no “standard sizes” for labels so we look to you to tell us the dimensions that are going to work best for your project.

Often times when you’re designing stickers for a new product or promotion, specific details like dimensions may not be worked out yet. Don’t worry, this is all a part of the process and we’re here to help.

The best way to start testing out sizes and shapes is to take a ruler or tape measure and measure the actual area you would like to cover. Whether it’s on a box, bottle, folder, car bumper, jar or electronic component – this will help a lot. If you have a finished logo or rough artwork on your computer – print it or sketch it out. Cut the paper to a good starting size and try it out on your packaging. This will help give you a good ‘visual’ of how the finished label might look on whatever you are planning to place it on. Don’t be afraid to keep trimming and adjusting until you have a size and shape that pleases you. Once you’re done, measure the paper to get the final dimensions. We will provide you with a quote for the closest standard die size we have to the dimensions you have provided. This will help keep your costs down.

Product BottlesWe have also had numerous clients send us component parts, special packaging, bottles, hangers and other cool pieces to custom fit their labels into. This is an especially good idea if your labels need to fit into a molded area or if they have any kind of sizing or shape restrictions. We will send your component back to you once your labels are done.

A Note About Label Sizes On Computer Monitors:

Many customers look at our custom embossed foil seals pages for sizing examples as we have many samples on the website of custom seal shapes along with a list of dimensions we produce. It’s important to remember that each computer monitor will show these sizes differently. If you are viewing the catalog on a mobile phone or a big screen monitor, the image will appear vastly different. The best way to know what a two inch square looks like is by using a ruler or tape measure. Images you see online or in an email can be deceiving.

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