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What is a QR code?

The Wikipedia definition of a QR Code is: A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

How to Use a QR code?

QR Code Labels Video Link QR codes can be read on most smartphones and mobile devices through a QR Code reader application – many phones come with QR reader apps pre-installed, while others – such as iPhones and newer iPods need to have the app installed through the iTunes app store. There are many free QR code reader applications available for any camera equipped mobile device.

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Marketing with QR codes

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There are many different types of data with which you can customize your QR code. Your code can act as a vCard (a virtual business card) that will input your contact information directly into the “contacts” database of the user’s phone. A QR code can be a simple URL that will send the user to a designated web page. This may be a corporate website, a YouTube video, a download page, a petition, promotion, event or a newsletter sign up page. SMS text messaging can also be set up through a QR code – allowing customers near instant communication with your customer service representatives. Your QR code could contain simple information about product discounts, sales, recipes or information regarding a product or location. You may need each of your labels to contain a unique QR code. Check out our variable data QR codes page for more info.

Whichever data you wish to include, QR codes can be tailored to suit your business marketing needs. This is new and exciting technology – mobile device users are often curious enough to read well placed QR code labels. All it takes is a little ingenuity to get them interested in your brand or offer.

Here are a few excellent QR code marketing ideas:

  • QR code stickers at tour bus stops – showing scheduled times, routes and admission prices.
  • QR code labels posted next to pieces within an exhibit or interactive display.
  • A QR code sticker on direct mail, flyers, free postcards or handouts.
  • For Realtors on listing handouts, realty signage (either residential or commercial). These QR codes could contain all listing specifics and information as well as link to a video walk-through of the location.
  • Build a subscriber list using QR codes for business or educational content. Direct users to an online email sign-up page and let your favorite auto-responder or Email marketing service do the rest.
  • If you manufacture packaged goods, clothing, merchandise or food items – use QR code labels to provide valuable product information such as recipes, fashion and health tips, helpful user guides and how to’s.
  • Organic or sustainable products could especially benefit from having QR codes to illustrate the health and environmental benefits of purchasing the product, through videos, testimonials etc. and perhaps a comparison of farming or production practices.
  • For restaurants and take-outs – use QR code labels to direct users to interactive menus or an easy-to-call phone number.
  • For conference attendees – use QR code labels on name tags to instantly input business card contact information into the user’s phone contacts database.
  • QR code labels on beverages or specialty products for drink or food recipes, party and entertaining ideas.
  • How about a QR code label on wedding or special event invitations that send the user to an email address or online service where they can RSVP? Save paper and postage.
  • QR code labels in elevator, public washroom or public transit ads. These could offer anything from discounts on dry cleaning service, taxi pick up, pizza delivery, concert or event information, restaurant and attractions etc.
  • QR code labels for petitions and community feedback, non-profits, charities and awareness campaigns.
  • QR code labels on disposable coffee cups, water bottles and napkins.
  • QR code labels on company correspondence providing contact information or a website url.
  • Imagine a simple virtual business card and a quick link to your company website on every piece of stationary that leaves your office!

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