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Let Sticky Business create your elegant custom embossed seals with your personal or business logo image. Our custom foil seals are a truly refined product that will convey your appreciation of quality and elegance.
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Check out our samples page for a selection of custom embossed seals produced for our valued customers. Our brilliant custom embossed foil seals are the perfect way to add impact to stationary, photographs, envelopes or certificates. Custom foil seals communicate practical information while drawing artful attention to your products, correspondence and awards.
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If you need to make an instant and lasting impression on folders, business cards, sales literature, envelopes or any other presentation materials, a custom embossed foil seal is the best choice for you. We offer a wide assortment of shapes and sizes available in four pricing categories – Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo. Choose from five gorgeous foil stocks and enhance your image with up to two different standard or Pantone ink colors.

Embossed Seals Sizes & Shapes

Custom seals are available in the following shapes – CLICK on any shape to see the available sizes:

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INK & FOIL Combinations

We offer 14 “standard” ink colors. Pantone color matching is available on request.

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Standard Ink Colors on Gold Foil

Our Standard Ink Colors on Silver Foil

Our Standard Ink Colors on BRONZE foil

HEAVY Weight Foil Seals

Our most popular series, these embossed seals are perfect when high performance elegance is a must! This is a superior series offering the deepest embossing at a reasonable price. Available in shiny and dull gold, shiny and dull silver and shiny bronze foil.

LIGHT Weight Foil Seals

Our LIGHT weight embossed foil series are a more economical foil seal (10% less than HEAVY weight) made with all the quality and care you would expect to find in an Old World crafted seal. This foil meets the needs of those desiring the high quality appeal of embossed foil at a reduced price. Available in shiny and dull gold, shiny and dull silver and shiny bronze foil.

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