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The Sticky Business team has a great appreciation of fine home brewed and craft beer. In fact, two of our staff members are home brewers. Labeling your batch with custom beer bottle labels is the icing on the cake. Personalized beer bottle labels are a super affordable gift for yourself or a brewing fanatic friend or relative.

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Custom Beer Bottle Labels

Over 17 years ago, our company President decided to start Sticky Business as a label manufacturer for small U-Brew’s and home brewers. Since then, Sticky Business has grown some, and our product lines have grown along with us. We still produce some of the finest custom wine and beer labels available and all at great prices. Ordering from us is easy. Just give us a call TOLL FREE at 1 866 474-1095 to get started.

Removing Beer Bottle Labels

After checking out a few of the beer brewing forums, it seems two common and easy methods for removing beer bottle labels involve soaking them in warm water along with some of your usual sanitizing solution. We have outlined a couple of recipes below.

  1. Soak in warm water with a dash of PBW for an hour or so. Commercial beer labels may take a bit longer but this may take less time depending on the particular label. One suggestion we found that also helps with your pre-bottling sanitizing effort is keeping a dedicated bucket (in a garage, maybe?) with a PBW or oxyclean solution. Every time you drain a bottle – put the empty in the bucket of solution until you are ready to use the bottles for your own brew (or until the bucket is full). After a good long soak, the labels should peel off with very little effort. The downside to this method is that it takes up space – but if you have space, it’s a no fuss method.
  2. Custom Beer Labels
  3. A lot of brewers use a solution of water and OxyClean (or the cheaper Walmart brand “Sun Clean”) for sanitizing their bottles. Soaking labelled bottles in a scoop of this in warm water overnight should release the label adhesive by morning – and the labels should slide off easily.

How do you remove stubborn label glue residue?
I have used an old plastic card and even a pastry scraper to remove stubborn gluey residue from my bottles. This works best after the bottles have soaked in warm water for awhile and the majority of the label has already been peeled off.

Commercial beer labels sometimes have blobs of glue that need an extra bit of coaxing to come off. A few hours in warm water and a scoop of sanitizing solution will loosen the majority of the label – then the scraper will finish the job. For super stubborn glue – try an ammonia solution or rubbing alcohol with a rag. If that doesn’t work, switch your brand of beer.

Beer Bottle Label Templates

12oz beer label templateWe have set up a blank template for two standard 12oz or 354ml beer bottle label sizes: 1. 4″ wide x 3.125″ high 2. 4″ wide x 3.25″ high Included in this .pdf file are cut line templates for square cornered labels as well as round corner labels (with a corner radius of 0.125″).

Some folks prefer round corners to square. Most commercial beer labels have square corners. The template indicates the label cut-line (the inside solid pink line) and the bleed margin (outside dotted pink line).

What is a Bleed?
In label terminology – a “bleed” is when any of the colors in your design go right to the edge of the label. Here is an example of a “bleed”: what is a bleed in label terminology?

If none of the ink colors go to the edge of the label you don’t need to worry about a bleed. If your colors go to the edge and the label requires a “bleed” you need to set up your artwork so that it extends at least 1/8″ past the label cut line on all sides. In simpler terms this means that you need to design your artwork an extra 1/8″ wide and an extra 1/8″ high.

This extra room ensures that you won’t see any skinny white lines at the label edge in the event that the labels drift slightly during the cutting process. Every commercial printer, no matter how accurate or expensive, will drift ever so slightly during the cutting process.

You can download this beer bottle label template here.

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